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  • Iran’s pistachio exports rise seven fold
    2015-05-18 4960

    TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran’s pistachio export rose by seven times in the first month of Iranian calendar year, (started on March 21, 2015), rising by seven times comparing to similar period last year. Iran exported over 1000 tons pistachio for $8.3 per each kilo during the period while it sold 200 tons...

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  • The medical benefits of Dried Apricot:
    2014-12-22 4781

    Apricot is one of the healthiest fruits. For those who seek increasing their weight consumption of sodden Dried Apricot is highly recommended as this sodden is a good appetizer. Furthermore the pyrene (seed) of this fruit is also beneficial of which the antitussive and blood refining can be...

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  • International exhibition of dried fruits
    2014-12-22 5288

    The second exhibition of dried fruit, groceries, and affiliated industries: will be held from December 27 to December 30 2014 at the center of the international exhibitions of Tehran. Beside the exhibition and sales of various kind of dried fruits and groceries, the very modern equipments and...

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  • The history of dried fruits exportation
    2014-12-03 5039

    The track of the very first exportation of Iranian dried fruits goes right back to 1922. According the customs documents the exported cargo was 5.2 Metric Tons of dried fruits to Germany. This lucrative business was grown during the time and the next year after that specific amount was exported to...

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About the IRAN Dried fruit Exporters Association


The history of IRAN Dried fruit Exporters Association

Despite the archaism of history of Iran dried fruit exportation, the IRAN Dried fruit Exporters Association has been almost recently (1969) established subsidiary to the chamber of commerce, industries and mines of IRAN, and thereafter has been vastly pursuing its core mission. Today our association with more than 1,000 official and none official members, has a very solid position in nonpetroleum exportation, in the way that through exportation of more than 311,000 Metric Tons of dried fruits in 2008,(which costs 987 million US dolor) to the different region of word, we have achieved the first rank of nonpetroleum exporters of the country. (This amount for 2011 was 441.535 Metric Tons which is equal to 1,673,346,597 US DOLOR)


Export and import of dried fruits

“Dried fruit”, these two words resembles one of the most ancient ways of preserving fresh fruits. Thus these priceless jewels of the nature will be preserved for a longer time. it`s been years since the discovery and application of dried fruits in cooking as the main food supplement and a healthy source of nutrition for different seasons. Different kinds of dried fruits can be store in cool and dry places for more than 12 months.

Pistachio, raisins, date, walnut, Chestnut, Apricot, fig, pitch, pears, peach, and the other type of dried fruit s and fresh fruits are used in cooking and food industries, and make the output delicious and refreshed.

For instance the recipe of raisin in a delicious combination with yogurt is consumed as a rich and healthy source of nutrition for breakfast. Fortunately nowadays the dried fruits are available in any stores and retail shops around us. The history of dried fruit production (specifically pistachio) in IRAN can be traced back to hundreds of centuries ago, and with no doubt there is no other country in the whole word which can claims such an old and profound history of dried fruits production. Furthermore the fact that the taste and flavor of Iranian dried fruits is unprecedented and is second to none can’t be condoned.