The Goals of the association

The Goals of the association:

Article 1-Maintaining and support of the exports of the country’s dried fruits and the interests of the members of the association and advancement of the spirit of harmony and concord between them and prevention of unhealthy competition.

Article2-Endeavour in enhancement of the quality of the export dried fruits in accordance with the international norms.

Article 3-Collaboration with the governmental and nongovernmental organizations related to the production, services, trade and export of dried fruits.

Article 4-Cooperation and coordination with the chamber –especially its specialized export sections for the purpose of augmentation of its power and effectiveness and offering ideas and proposals for the elevation of the presence of the association in the chamber.

Article 5-Holding joint session with the international organizations and institutes for finding appropriate guidelines for the expansion the export of dried fruits; also attending the global gatherings and institutions in order to defend the association’s positions and garnering their support.

Article 6- Participation in the international conferences on dried fruits and accepting membership of the local and global associations.

Article 7- Holding local and international trade fairs and dispatching specialized delegations for marketing and promotion to the different parts of the world.

Article 8- Collection of up-to-date statistics and scientific information and transferring them to the members for the enhancement of the professional knowledge.

Article 9- Establishment of a research base and examination of the research papers for the discovery of the guidelines of export promotion of dried fruits and countering the obstacles in its way.

Article 10-Arbiteration and solving intra-member disputes in case of their mutual agreement.