Iran’s pistachio exports rise seven fold

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran’s pistachio export rose by seven times in the first month of Iranian calendar year, (started on March 21, 2015), rising by seven times comparing to similar period last year.

Iran exported over 1000 tons pistachio for $8.3 per each kilo during the period while it sold 200 tons similar time last year.

Iran’s pistachio exports hit $9.5 million during the period, while it reached $1 million in corresponding period last year.

The country is the top pistachio exporter, a position the country has maintained, thanks to the premium quality of its production.

Iran also has the largest acreage of land dedicated to pistachio plantation, spread over more than 20 provinces in the country.

Up to 70% of Iran’s pistachio crop comes from Kerman Province, which has an ideal climate and soil for growing the nutty fruit.