• Definition:

    Dates is a heavenly fruit and very nutritious that contains many different minerals including iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, and vitamins A, B, and E. Research has shown that this fruit can prevent cancers of colon, stomach, etc. One of the important traits of dates is that it is emollient. 6 to 7 on them must be soaked 2 glasses of boiling water and consumed every morning and evening while it is still warm; or some dates to be consumed and immediately one or 2 glasses of warm water to be drank after it. Dates can also be eaten as a fruit.

  • HS code:

    0804 1010 fresh or dried Estemeran dates, 0804 1020 fresh or dried Kabkab dates, 0804 1030 fresh or dried Piarum dates, 0804 1040 fresh or dried Mazafati dates- fresh or dried Shahani dates, 0804 1050 fresh or dried Zahedi dates, 0804 1060 fresh or dried dates not mentioned otherwise. 0804 1090
  • Types of dates:

    Fresh or dried Estemeran, fresh or dried Kabkab, fresh or dried Piarum, fresh or dried Mazafati, fresh or dried Shahani, fresh or dried Zahedi, other types of fresh or dried dates otherwise not mentioned.

  • The current obstacles to exports:

Lack of attention to the subjects related to the trade of dried fruits especially dried dates including at the CODEX international forum for the elimination or reduction of the existing threats to the trade of such products, weakness in the storage and transportation of dried dates, lack of a coherent mechanism for addressing varied problems related to dried dates, weakness in the applied research related to dried dates in different departments of agriculture, packing, health and standardization, related side industries, marketing and market research, and the development of the dates based sub-products.


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